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Joint campaign details
As a video player, Oitube has several advantages over YouTube in that it supports functions such as 'ad-free video playing', 'hover to play', ‘play in the background' etc.
Creators from Kwai Creator Marketplace integrated the product advantages of Oitube in their videos and initiated a novel way of brand marketing in the community. It's worth mentioning that 74 million video views were achieved for the whole campaign, together with a remarkable CPM level of $ 1.35.
The video by ALPHA FILMES is extremely eye-catching. It's mainly about a girl using Oitube to disclose a mystery about her mother. In order to find out her missing mother, the girl has been relentlessly looking for clues. The truth is revealed by a video on Oitube that's being played non-stop for a whole night, and it turns out that her mother was murdered by her father. In this video, the video playing function of Oitube is woven into the story itself. As the story proceeds, brand exposure goes in parallel with the plot and the atmosphere.
The video by Vitor Ortth is creative in a funny style. He played multiple roles in this video and had a comprehensive introduction of the data saving feature of Oitube. The audience marveled at his creativity, and in the meantime, got impressed by Oitube's awesome product features.