Success Stories
The Ants: Underground Kingdom
The Ants gained 480M exposure on Kwai by using Hashtag challenge, brand awareness was heavily enhanced in Brazil based on users' powerful participation.
UGC Video Generation
The Objective
The cooperation of “The Ants: Underground Kingdom” and Kwai took "Travel around the world with Ants" as the key highlight, led creators' active participation, significantly stimulated the creation of UGC contents, achieved deep penetration of the game character through multi-point resource diversion and the bonus pool. As a result, the game's brand voice in the Brazilian market was notably increased, and seized the minds of users as well.
Brand Solutions
Eyemax, Brand Mission, Template
Project Details
The Ants: Underground Kingdom Local Marketing Strategy: Creating a National Carnival by Combining Local Features and Social Hotspots
The Ants: Underground Kingdom is an adventure SLG developed and published by Star Union. The game allows players to play from the first perspective of an ant and build their own ant kingdom in the game. Since it was launched in overseas markets more than a year ago, the game has been included in various foreign rankings many times and remains at the top of the lists.
In order to better increase its visibility and player numbers in the Brazilian market, The Ants: Underground Kingdom collaborated with Kwai for Business overseas marketing team and Nativex, the official agency of Kwai for Business, jointly implemented a brand promotion plan on Kwai. The cooperation was aimed at achieving success in terms of both branding and effects, and concluded with over 400 million views and Top 2 downloads in the Brazilian market (June 2022).
Travel-related content in Brazil received extraordinary discussion and exposure based on Kwai's content favorability research, due to the pandemic has significantly strengthened the restrictions of traveling overseas. Short video platforms became the popular place for people to satiate their desire to travel.
Therefore, considering the needs of users in the post-pandemic era, “The Ants: Underground Kingdom” project combined a universal trip with the vast game world in the promotion, providing players a special "travel experience". After determining the insight, "The Ants: Underground Kingdom" successfully launched the #ViajaComFormigas brand task challenge on Kwai, and used "Travel around the world with Tiny Ants" as the core idea. Utilizing the switch of global sights as an attraction led to UGC content creation, which comprehensively showcased and promoted the game characters.
In order to encourage users to participate, the team of “The Ants: Underground Kingdom” chose the "Template" product to lower the barrier for users to participate in the challenge, stimulating the community's enthusiasm for creating contents. Users can participate in the challenge by uploading their travel photos with no specific shooting required. At the same time, the template greatly increases the exposure of the game through exquisite animation and camera flash effects, providing users with ample space to enjoy entertainment while achieving diverse creations.
Along with encouraging more participation from regular users, we also created an incentive scheme for KOLs. Specifically, we used "share the prize pool" scheme to encourage excellent KOLs to actively participate into the challenge. Over 100 top-notch videos were posted as a result of the participation of 139 KOLs from a variety of fields, including fashion, humor, dancing, drama, music, sports, etc.
With traffic from resource slots including Eyemax, for you feeds and other touch points, as well as incentivized UGC content production, vv of challenge videos continued to grow beyond expections. In just three days after launching, impressions soared to 220M+ and peak vv reached 410M. Owing to high quality localized creative content, CTR of Eyemax reached 8.6% and Eyemax exposure spillover rate reached 60%.
In terms of conversion effect, during the challenge in June, the number of downloads of The Ants: Underground Kingdom in Brazil rose to the TOP 2 in the global market, second only to the US, further improving the brand effect and offering a solid foundation for the game's long-term growth.