Success Stories
Ragnarok Online
During the Ramadan Festival, Ragnarok Origin used the diverse marketing resources on SnackVideo, greatly boosted brand voice and downloads in Indonesia.
UGC Video Generation
higher than benchmark
The Objective
The Ragnarok Origin team seeked to partner with SnackVideo, a top-tier local short video platform, to leverage its traffic and boost brand value during Ramadan in order to quickly seize the Indonesian market while launch its product.
Brand Solutions
Eyemax, Brand Exclusive, Mininovelas, H5 title sponsorship on activity page
Project Details
420 million impressions in total! Check out how Ragnarok Origin dominates Ramadan marketing on SnackVideo
With hundreds of millions of players and 20 years of global success, Ragnarok Online has marked an important milestone in the history of online gaming. Apart from the fascinating game itself, it evokes memories of youth for numerous people and introduced online social networking to countless gamers. This unique affection is like first love.
With the release of the Ragnarok Origin sequel, this "first love wave" is also raging through Indonesia. The Ragnarok Origin team wasted no time and decided to partner with SnackVideo, a top-tier local short video platform, to leverage its traffic and boost brand value during Ramadan in order to quickly corner the Indonesian market during the release. What exactly helped Ragnarok Origin to succeed in the fiercely competitive mobile game market? Kwai Jr. will discuss Ragnarok Origin's successful marketing techniques in this article for brand owners of mobile games.
Key to success 1: Find the right platform to precisely target audiences during festivals
Ramadan is the most significant festival for marketing, and businesses simply can't ignore it if they want to dominate the Southeast Asian market. Muslims actively participate in mosque gatherings, religious ceremonies, and other social activities during Ramadan, one of the most significant religious holidays in Islam. This boosts user engagement on social media and improves platform traffic. As Ramadan traffic surged, Ragnarok Origin partnered with SnackVideo to promote its brand. The campaign significantly outperformed expectations, with stronger brand awareness and user mindset.
Ragnarok Origin chose SnackVideo, a platform with over 43 million monthly active users in Indonesia, as the primary battlefield in order to immediately capture the traffic during Ramadan. As a new traffic bonus channel for local Chinese brands going overseas, SnackVideo can meet the needs of brands in various fields, such as increasing exposure, expanding new users, and improving performance and conversions.
In addition, the up to 90% user match has quickly captured the hearts of Ragnarok Origin's marketing team. In the campaign, Ragnarok Origin precisely targeted the financially capable males aged 25-36 in Indonesia to maximize the marketing effect. During the campaign, Ragnarok Origin's official account gained 5100+ followers and the CTR of its in-feed ads was 128.57% higher than the industry average.
Key to success 2: One-stop campaign planning
Kwai for Business provided Ragnarok Origin with a customized one-stop marketing plan for its region-wide campaign. It designed several types of in-app activities for different phases of marketing objectives and promotion needs to support the brand's effective and sustainable communication from the project's debut to execution and conversion.
1、Brand information spread: Multi-slot resources to redirect traffic, Mininovelas placement to make the topic go viral
Branding ad resources seize the opportunity: 27.43% Eyemax click rate, total impressions of 9.6 million; 16.00% click rate on Brand Exclusive, total impressions of 3.3 million. TeleKwai marketing Mininovelas achieve soft recommendation: 5 episodes were delivered in advance to ensure the popularity of the campaign: the placement length reached 2.9 minutes and the total play reached 14.65 million. Title sponsorship on the Ramadan H5 main activity page: the resources include title sponsorship in the header banner on the activity page, Follow button jumping to the brand‘s account, ending acknowledgement, brand customized magic face recommendation, challenge recommendation, etc. The page impressions totalled up to 10 million +.
2、Attract to create: Customized interactive magic face stimulates user curiosity and engagement
Based on brand information spread, the #PoringFace magic face challenge pushed this Ragnarok Origin's marketing buzz to another climax. Based on the incentive pool for content creation, Ragnarok Origin's brand promotion has succeeded in the transition from participation of top PGC creators to that of mid-tier PGC and UGC creators with a healthy consumption ecosystem.
3、Participation of all: Organic KOLs participated actively and helped accumulate large amounts of brand content
Key to success 3: Triple creative gameplay, brand marketing localization
1、Customized brand exclusive 3D magic face
Influence user mindset while being entertained
Based on the technical capabilities of 3D modeling, animation, special effects, programming and design implementation, Kwai for Business created a customized 3D Poring "first love" magic face for Ragnarok Origin's campaign after creative brainstorming. The magic face not only features fantastic creative stickers and special effects, but it can also be used with localized voiceovers, perfectly combining the game content with the theme of love to jog users' memories.
2、Quality KOLs drove production
Continuously heating up brand marketing buzz
A total of 42 paid KOLs participated in this brand campaign, which not only accumulated quality content for the brand, but also greatly increased the project's popularity. The top csm-to-crt videos are all contributed by the paid KOLs, with an average engagement rate of 7.84% and 10+% for a number of videos.
3、Creative mininovelas helped to break the circle
Positive interaction boosted brand image
Kwai leveraged creative moninovelas to communicate Ragnarok Origin's brand image, with multiple scenes and the plot tightly linked to the brand's selling points, which received a lot of positive feedback from the comments section. The produce appears in the mininovelas with soft placement. The audience showed their awareness of the brand and intention to download the game.