Success Stories
PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile initiated a brand challenge on SnackVideo, triggering a carnival during the event.
UGC Video Generation
The Objective
PUBG Moblie and Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation jointly launched a series of marketing campaigns with the topic of "#TravelWithPUBG". This is the first time that PUBGM collaborates with SnackVideo. They hope to explore PUBGM's short video marketing in Pakistan by using this campaign as a starting point. Combining "dance + scene switching" with diverse presentations of Snack Video's Template Effect(BR) to encourage UGC participation, PUBGM created an attractive challenge in the shortest time.
Brand Solutions
Eyemax, Brand Mission, Magic Face
Project Details
PUBG MOBILE x Local Marketing Strategy: Swap Resources with Local Authorities and Create a National Carnival Together
“PUBG MOBILE” is a well-known game that has a strong fanbase globally, developed by Tencent Games Photon Studio Group and KRAFTON. Local Pakistan players love PUBGM as well. For the first time that PUBG MOBILE cooperates with SnackVideo, they hope to create a great impression among local users, setting up the short video marketing place in Pakistan by this chance.
In order to achieve greater exposure and break through the siege, the SnackVideo team contributed great efforts in promoting PUBG MOBILE Campaign! Not only get support from Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation during the promotion, but also launched a brand challenge on SnackVideo with the hashtag #TravelWithPUBGM.
Local netizens showed strong affection for the “ice cream character” who wearing traditional clothes and holding a national flag. Meanwhile, the challenge topic emphasizes the "traveling" element with using backgrounds of famous Pakistan sights. Users could be in the same frame with beautiful sceneries without going out of home, making it a well received and highly liked challenge activity.
In order to satisfy PUBG MOBILE's demand to the greatest extent for traffic and make the topic top trendy at the national level, Kwai for Business provided advertisers with resource slots on the app's opening page(Eyemax), search page, publishing page and creator center, which allow users seeing the brand challenge all the time so that the topic can gain maximum exposure.
After PUBG MOBILE launched the #TravelWithPUBGM brand challenge, SnackVideo immediately published the task in the creator center. In the creator center, KOLs can freely access and take part in brand tasks according to their personal preferences. In terms of the marketing strategy, brand tasks have added a new cash reward mechanism that KOLs can split the prize money based on the quality of their videos.
It only took about a week that the #TravelWithPUBGM topic attracted 13 local SnackVideo creators with over 500,000 followers to participate and engaged more than 700,000 users. A total of 163,000 videos were posted under the topic. Based on SnackVideo, players, followers and the ice cream man had chance to enjoy the scenery and experience the fun of the game together.