Success Stories
McDonald's attracted users with clever ad creativity during its new product launch.
Video Completion Amount
The Objective
McDonald's wants to promote its classic Spicy Chicken Thigh Burger on SnackVideo.
Brand Solutions
Brand Exclusive
Project Details
McDonald's x Local Marketing Methodology: Conduct market research and break the circle with local IP
McDonald's collaborated with Kwai for Business and placed two rounds of Brand Exclusive on SnackVideo. To promote McCrispy Chicken Burger, its iconic product, McDonald's came up with an ingenious creative idea.
According to research, Mayo and Chipotle are equally popular among Pakistanis. The McDonald's creative team humanized these two sauces into characters from the film The Legend of Maula Jutt by leveraging this unique local characteristic.
The Legend of Maula Jutt, a McDonald's-sponsored film, released in Pakistan to rave reviews and gross $1.3 million at the box office.
The Legend of Maula Jutt is a remake of the 1979 Pakistani classic Maula Jatt, and is currently the most expensive film ever made in Pakistan. The film tells the dramatic revenge story of Maula Jutt, a man driven by rage over the murder of his family by Natt and trains as a professional boxer in an effort to track down Noori Natt.
In the ad creative, the McDonald's team ingeniously paired the sauces with the movie characters. The conflict between Maula and Noori is similar to the competition between Mayo and Chipotle in the world of burger sauces. In Pakistan, people love Mayo and Chipotle equally.
They are saber-rattling on a smoke-filled battlefield as the trumpets sound. At the climax of the duel, the scene transitioned to display the product name, revealing that Maula and Noori were the humanized versions of Mayo sauce and Chipotle sauce.
The creative content and film IP not only sparked more discussions but also won over users. The collaboration got 5 million+ impressions, over 27,000 likes, and over 74,000 completions.