Success Stories
Focallure&Pinkflash achieved 890M explosure and drove GMV growth of online stores during Ramadan.
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The Objective
Following their success in Europe and the US, Focallure and Pinkflash, two of China's top cosmetics brands in the overseas market, are aiming to enhance their brand's local presence in emerging markets. They have chosen Indonesia as their targeting country in the emerging market and has partnered with SnackVideo, hoping to win the hearts of local mainstream consumer groups and acquire more business opportunities in the region.
Brand Solutions
Ramadan main event page title sponsorship, brand Eyemax ads, guaranteed delivery, brand challenge, mini variety show title sponsorship, outdoor advertising
Project Details
Super Ramadan with 890M impressions + GMV increase! See how Focallure&Pinkflash achieve success in both brand awareness and sale results
1、Online and offline resource placements combined, multiple resource slots exposure help with brand marketing
Following their success in Europe and the US, Focallure and Pinkflash, two of China's top cosmetics brands in the overseas market, are aiming to enhance their brand's local presence in emerging markets. They have chosen Indonesia as their targeting country in the emerging market and has partnered with SnackVideo, hoping to win the hearts of local mainstream consumer groups and acquire more business opportunities in the region.
In order to maximize the effect of the campaign, Focallure and Pinkflash decided to launch the brand on Ramadan, one of the most important local festivals in Indonesia. In this marketing partnership, SnackVideo's commercialization team not only united the online and offline resources for Focallure and Pinkflash, but also created a closed-loop e-commerce chain for the brands to help them better achieve success in both brand awareness and sales performance. In this article, Kwai will talk to brand owners about Focallure&Pinkflash's new creative marketing ideas for Ramadan.
The first thing worth mentioning in this cooperation is the platform-wide resource slots that SnackVideo team allocated for Focallure&Pinkflash during the traffic peak of Ramadan. From online ads and customized brand placements to offline outdoor advertising, SnackVideo provided strong support in helping them open up the Indonesian market and boosting brand awareness.
But how to quickly grab resources during the traffic peak of Ramadan? The first thing the SnackVideo marketing team thought of was Eyemax-Flow ads and First Sight ads. The 10-30s full-screen audiovisual short video ads of Eyemax-Flow provide an immersive visual experience and creates good brand images in users' minds. First Sight is the first resource slot on For You page.
The combination of these two spots is amazing! Imagine this: you are blown away by the Eyemax-Flow ad when you launch the app, and while this ad lingers in your mind,, you see the First Sight ad again when entering the For You page, and your interest is stimulated again. This thoughtful combination helped the brands to achieve fast conversion from "Awareness" to "Consideration".
At the same time, Focallure&Pinkflash has seized the traffic boom of Ramadan festival in Indonesia, and through the exposure of the main campaign title sponsorship, waist Banner ads and sponsored sections, the brand message reaches the huge target user group during Ramadan.
Once again, imagine that when a large number of target users log into SnackVideo to join the Ramadan event, and see brand messages of Focallure&Pinkflash closely buddled with the main event, the users would soon unconsciously connect value and quality of the brand with Ramadan in their mind, thus quickly building trust and fondness towards Focallure&Pinkflash, which will enhance brand's recognition.
If we see the commercial ads as the appetizer of Focallure&Pinkflash's promotion matrix, then customized brand placement is the main dish. With the commercial ads setting the stage quickly, SnackVideo continue with specially designed customized resources, which prove very effective on influencing users for the brands, so they not only achieve better brand awareness but also greater recognition. This includes 2 branded mininovelas, a magic face filter and a brand challenge.
The mininovelas have invited many A+ level KOLs from SnackVideo as actors, laying a solid foundation for topic traffic. The mininovelas can also be used by brands for native advertising placements, which greatly improves the cost performance of promotion resources. The Magic Face Challenge, on the other hand, attracts users to actively produce content through creative gameplay, which enables brand messages to spread virally through interactive marketing and influences users' minds in a subtle way.
In addition, other resources in the business partnership package provided by SnackVideo for Focallure and Pinkflash also performed well, such as the non-brand challenge title sponsorship #BauApaNih and #KaryaHariRaya that gained 360 million impressions, and the mini-variety title sponsorship that gained 4 minutes of implantation time and 19.5 million views.
It is worth noticing that SnackVideo's homemade mini-variety show is a carefully localized production that utilized the popular Indonesian sitcom format with exaggerated performances, dialogues, and segments to attract viewers, and has always been well received in the region. This time, KomedieSansKamis (Monday-Thursday Comedy) has invited Indonesia's "Shen Teng Jia Ling Duo" - national comedy stars Adul and Komeng - to join the show and helped Focallure&PinkFlash gain a lot of exposure and boosted the brand's voice.
In addition to online resources, SnackVideo has tailored an offline promotion strategy based on the brand's user profile, with outdoor big screen advertising as the core method.
The fans of both Focallure and Pinkflash are mainly female, and the age group of PinkFlash users is 18-25 years old, while the majority of Focallure users are 25-36 years old. Therefore, the offline promotion reaches these users with high consumption intention and high consumption ability by covering the important local business districts and office buildings, so as to deeply influence the brand consumers' minds with online and offline combo and maximize the marketing effect.
2、Deeply cultivate content creativity to add color to brand marketing
In addition to multiple promotional resources, Focallure&Pinkflash marketing ideas are further upgraded and committed to the content creativity, which focused on enhancing the brand message through creative, customized and high-quality content to deeply connect users and the brand, and convert brand awareness into buying behaviors.
1) Design high-quality short plays to spark topics and successfully break the circle
Focallure branded mininovelas "Tragedi Bawang Putih" Tragedy of the Magnificent Family is adapted from the Indonesian national fable, which tells the story of a magnificent family, involving themes such as romance, power and family that are classic themes in literature, with a fascinating plot. The leading actress of the love story has a makeup trial scene in the mininovelas, so Focallure's lipsticks, lip glazes, eyebrow creams, powders, blushes and other products can be exposed through this opportunity.
At the same time, the brand's products also showcased their excellence in the mininovelas' real life like scenes. For example, in the daily chat between colleagues, Focallure's lipstick product Lip Matte was recommended by the character very naturally. it was implanted again in the scenario of the characters drinking water, highlighting the colorness, waterproof and transfer-proof characteristics of the lipstick. From the audience's feedback, the soft placement of Focallure was effective, with a lot of positive interactions in the comment section, and some viewers expressed their intention to try the product and recommend it to others.
Pinkflash's custom theater was inspired by the popular Asian literary work The Legend of the White Snake, so the short play "Legenda Ular Putih" The Legend of the White Snake was also very well received once it was launched on SnackVideo, and the touching plot made users exclaim "We want more" and "I need a sequel". Not only is the plot wonderful, the branded content in this short drama is quite clever.
For example, based on the fact that the green and white snakes were first transformed into human form and had snake scales on their faces, the story designed the episode where the white snakes learned human make-up and used foundation to conceal their scales, which naturally incorporated Pinkflash foundation and simultaneously showed the effect of the product. In just five episodes, the brand's beauty egg, eyeliner, eye shadow palette, clay mask and many other products were presented, and the heroine's makeup trial was also deeply relevant to the brand's selling points, conveying brand advantages such as newbie-friendly.
2) Customized upgraded Magic Face Gameplay deeply connects users and brands
In order to further enhance user perception and strengthen brand attraction, SnackVideo exclusively customized the gameplay of "Interactive Game + Beauty Makeup Transformation" to maximize the playability of the magic face.
Users can dominate the shooting process through interactive mechanisms such as lipstick, blush, foundation and cushion foundation and randomly unlock customized makeup; the unlimited new looks can also attract users to produce multiple times. In addition, the magic face adopts an interactive game scoreboard, which can give users great entertainment experience and greatly enhance the interaction rate.
3) Team up with KOLs to expand creative pools and utilize mass creation to accumulate contents
SnackVideo platform has a complete ecology of verticals, with many high-quality and high-output paid experts in the field of fashion and beauty, which cover multiple domains including makeup, fashion, accessories and street photography. During Focallure&Pinkflash's Ramadan marketing, the platform's top beauty and fashion experts actively participated in UGC content creation, providing high-quality creative videos to help brands spread their voice and accumulate quality contents.
3、Created new gameplay of Ecommerce Traffic Directing,achieving success in both brand marketing and sales performance with accelerated GMV monetization
Focallure&Pinkflash has explored the off-site traffic for e-commerce in this innovative marketing campaign, and the "buy while watching" implantation form has truly realized the double win in brand recognition and sales numbers.
In the branded mininovelas, Focallure&Pinkflash not only had the brand logos presented in the preview, but also inserted a PLC conversion component in the videos so viewers can be led directly to the product purchase page while watching. At the same time, the creators also give out vouchers and promo codes in the comment section of the mininovelas to guide traffic and maximize the conversion rate by way of interactions .
As of April 23, Focallure and Pinkflash's product PLC components CTR continues to increase, and their official accounts got 320,000+ new followers, all of whom are brand's target consumers. The strong growth of private traffic has also enabled Focallure and Pinkflash to take off in beauty marketing in Indonesia, with strong growth in sales. Both brands were ranked among the top three in the popular local e-commerce platform shopee's top selling beauty brands list.