Success Stories
Focusing on the Brazilian Carnival, C&A enhances brand awareness through KOL marketing
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The Objective
Expanding in the Brazilian market and enhancing brand recognition
Brand Solutions
KOL collaboration
Project Details
C&A:KOL is the key to an exceptional festival campaign
C&A is a well-known fashion retail company that offers leading fashion concepts and items to the international market. It provides the right fit for various occasions. With its first cooperation with Kwai, C&A intends to build brand equity on Kwai through the carnival boosting its sales and regional influence. C&A developed the #lookdocarvanal hashtag using KOL marketing, which led to a discussion about "what to wear to the carnival" among Kwai users that helped to spread content and reinforce brand image.
1、Leveraging vertical KOL marketing to reach consumers efficiently
How to be successful in marketing efforts during a festival of universal participation? C&A opted to KOL marketing to make it happen.
Through Creator Marketplace, C&A quickly identified two fashion KOLs. Atriz Ana Silva has more than 90% female followers, most of whom are over 25 years old and have a significant overlap with C&A's consumer base. Laura Marin P has more than 70% female followers, and the top 3 user tags are mother and baby, fashion, and entertainment, which are also the main target consumers of C&A.
In their short videos, the two KOLs recreated the scene of preparing costumes for the carnival. Users' conversations about what to wear were sparked by the scenes showing people entering C&A offline stores, choosing garments, and trying them on.
2、Leverage marketing hashtags to get high ROI with minimal cost
C&A created the hashtag "#lookdocarvanal" to encourage more conversation on "carnival costumes" in order to enable a broader reach of KOL marketing. The spirit of open sharing in the community on Kwai helped to effectively inspire users' secondary creation. The close connection between users and the brand made it possible for the marketing campaign to influence user mindset in a more direct way.
On Kwai, C&A's brand-related content has been discussed and retweeted hundreds of thousands of times thanks to the dissemination of collaborative KOL and UGC content. C&A achieved positive ROI growth for its marketing campaign with ingenuity during a time when traffic is expensive and challenging to capture.